lunedì 16 luglio 2018

PROSPE(C)TIVA B.R.I.O._2018 Festival of Visual Cultures

Culture Creatività Comunicazione

WINNERS _ 2018

Sezione Video/Video Section – Framing the Other
@ Vincitore/Winner - Ifriqiyya Electrique - Rûwâhîne, François R. Cambuzat (France/Tunisie)
Menzioni speciali/Special Mention - Nimble Fingers, Parsifal Reparato (Italy/Vietnam)

Premio d’eccellenza/Exellence Award  
Return to Lucania Jannine Guilyard, (USA)
Voci dal Silenzio, Wahlen J.,  Seidita A.(Italy)
Gifts from Babylon,  Ackermann Bas, Martens Emiel, (The Netherlands/Gambia)

Menzioni /Mention
Labor, Ḉağdaş Yenidede (Turkey)
Vostok, Elisabeth Silveiro (France)
Somos, Elena Butti (Italy)

Sezione VideoArt/VideoArt Section
@ Vincitore/Winner - Transitions, Ana Barroso (Portugal)
Menzioni speciali/Special - Mention
Nawabi Baluchari, Trisha Banerjee (India)
The Image of You, Pinja Valja (Finland)
Enjoying Songs, Sitraka Raheriarivony (Madagascar)

Sezione racconto fotografico/Phototale Section – Photographalia
@ Vincitore/Winner - Uomini e Montagne, Vito Rago (Italy)
Menzioni /Mention - Women in the City of Johannesburg,  Madoda Mkhobeni (South Africa)

All communications related to the evenings festival, screening times, and selection of finalists will
be published on the event website The winners will be notified by the withdrawal of the prizes and will be sent an email to confirm correct entry to all participants. For further communication or concerns, you can write to the email:

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